Monday, October 11, 2010

The Trial of Geert Wilders

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has an article at the WSJ this morning, decrying the assault on free speech manifest in the trial of the bigot Geert Wilders. While I loathe Mr. Wilders, he is being railroaded by laws designed specifically to convict him - all for the convenience and propitiation of islamist fanatics determined to take over the Netherlands, it won't work.

The problem of ‘creeping islamification’ has been a growing problem for decades as Ms. Ali correctly points out. The current list of participants in Greet Wilders trial are evidence of the extent to which this trial holds up a mirror to us all. There are several players in this ongoing train wreck: the fanatic Islamists, the misguided multiculturalists, the deeply tainted ‘christian’ european nation states and the globalist corporate capitalists.

The multiculturalists are the easiest target, their ‘rainbows and unicorns’ approach is treated, frankly, to the contempt it deserves from the other parties. Certainly, the Islamists and capitalists have taken full advantage of their cupidity.

The Islamists situation is murkier: after the poor Muslims were imported into Europe to do the work that the Dutch, or Germans or French or English wouldn’t do for those wages (this’ll sound familiar to Americans), there were instantly segregated and marginalized, treated to the European equivalent of ‘Jim Crow’ laws – the multiculturalists have a point here – it can surprise no one that they were easy prey for the radical fanatics. And we say ‘fanatic, ‘radical’, ‘fundamentalist’ in an attempt to differentiate by definition. Islamic cultural divides are as complex as our own and not dissimilar in many ways. Like us (and by ‘us’ I mean the western cultural norm: European and American, judeo-christian-based cultural underpinnings – there’s a hint right there) they have a vast body of very quiet, respectable folks who are not very interested in what their neighbors do or don’t so long as it doesn’t get in their face. There are a few, however, who just can’t stand the fact that other people don’t follow the rules they do, this always breeds trouble.

The opening was made for the Islamic radicals, we should actually call them what they are: World Caliphate Islamists, and the WCI rushed right in. This is analogous to the Christian Nation fundamentalists here in the US being generally acknowledged as the representative of christianity to the world.

Unfortunately, this feeds into, or springs forth from, the judeo-christian heritage of Euro-American western culture. Not a pretty picture, that heritage, from the Council of Nicea on through the aptly-named “Dark Ages” and the infamous Inquisition (see Malleus Malificarum) and the devastating fratricidal wars of the 15th through 18th centuries… the West has no peg upon which to hang its hat of moral superiority.

Which brings us to the instigators of this latest round of religious world war: the capitalists (hobby horse alert). These clever folks have a habit of using whatever ’tools’ they can find for their purpose (profit) then dropping them instantly when a better scheme comes along. So we saw the great capitalists demand and support importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into more or less stable western European countries, in order to pay them low wages and force the native workforce to either reduce their wages to the same level or go jobless – in the name of competitiveness and efficiency (read: better profits). Immediately upon realizing that they could do even better by exporting the business itself to the low labor-cost countries, they did so… and dumped the immigrants on the slag heap with the rest of the trash. What naturally follows, followed naturally.

At the last, we come to the question implicit in Ms Ali’s letter: what can we (the West) do about it (the WCI).

Well, for one thing, we can do nothing or rather we can slog along n status quo. That will mean more and more effort energy and costs related to combating the guaranteed-to-grow homegrown WCI terrorist agenda. We can be certain they’re not going to stop or even slow down by themselves.

Or, we could make some new laws directed at containment. Not silly press-op laws like banning hajibs (I think it’s a good idea but more of a morale builder, fruitless as a deterrent to the WCI). We could certainly ban sharia law anywhere in any western country, that would help. We could pass laws making fatwahs illegal, subject to instant arrest and prosecution, etc., etc.

But these are all palliative measures, they do not address the underlying problem: the WCI and their sympathizers are out to take over the world and will kill anyone who stands in their way. Not to recognize this is to make a mistake of Chamberlinian proportions… again. The answer is simple, direct and will be very, very hard to do. It has one advantage: it will work.

Any muslim who wishes to remain in any western country is free to do so, with the following conditions:

They must observe local laws and customs, that is,

There will be no sharia law in western muslim communities.
Local laws concerning freedom of speech, such as lampooning of political and religious figures, are sacrosanct.
No fatwahs may be issued by any religious figure, for any reason, against anyone
Citizens are expected to put their rights, responsibilities, duty and loyalty to their country and fellow citizens ahead of their religious obligations.

Abrogation of any of these conditions results in being stripped of citizenship and deported.

The list of conditions may be incomplete but the intent and result of these conditions will be consternation and bitter complaints by the WCI and their adherents. No doubt they and the multiculturalists will take to the streets, numerous obscenities will be hurled very loudly, a few Molotov cocktails will probably be thrown, some cars will be burned and there will be strikes and riots of various kinds and ferocity. But it would be wide for the West to stick to these principles – they’re the only thing that will work.