Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Passing thoughts on the State of the Art(ifice)

Thought of The Police the other day while I was thinking about the police:

Poets, priests and politicians
have words to thank for their positions
words that scream for your submission
...no one's jammin’ their transmission
- The Police

The noise level is so high these days you can have trouble hearing your own thoughts...

Florida apparently passed a law that says, basically: shoot first, then claim self-defense – it’ll be alright (especially if you’re an upstanding white guy and the other guy/perpetrator/victim is black).

Irony clause: This was vigorously supported by women’s groups trying to find a way to protect abused women who lashed back at their torturers.

The Congress passed a bill (instantly signed into law by the Prez) that effectively bans all protests anywhere near the object of the protest. As one officer put it to a sign-wielding protester: “The no-protest zone moves to be anywhere you are.”

Asma Assad’s (who finally let her hair down on Twitter, said “I am the dictator here.” – as we all suspected) government is now using social media to counter-propagandize the Syrian revolutionaries. (Death Count: 8,000 and rising)

Foxconn is evil, Apple is evil wait, wait… the guy who said this stuff in a one-man show apparently got some of his info from people who weren’t authorized by Foxconn to say that Foxconn was evil… so Apple and Foxconn aren’t evil after all, phew!, all our iPhones are safe… but the suicide nets at the Foxconn plants are still up…

Rick Santorum wants to know who you’re fucking, when you’re fucking and why you’re fucking… he especially wants to know these things about women; men, not so much.

Republicans have come up with yet another economic plan that fails to address any of the economic problems we are faced with except for the wrenching tragedy suffered daily by the very wealthy: apparently they don’t have enough money (see Ann Romney for commentary)… the White House is desperately searching for a way to capitulate.

Supreme Leader Imam Khamenei has, effectively, taken over control of the Iranian ‘Republic’ (ever notice how the grander the title, the punier the tinpot dictator?) from Ahmadinejad (too batshit crazy even for Khamenei). He’s declared that no, they are not producing weapons grade fissionables… now. It seems that the 30,000 centrifuges they have been running day and night for the last six months aren’t separating out the U-235 at sufficient purity for bombs… yet.

In its wisdom, the US Army sends a guy with brain damage back to the front for a fourth tour and then is ‘shocked, shocked’ to find out that he went off the reservation and shot anyone he could find in an alcohol-soaked redout… forget Sun Tzu, von Clausewitz and Musashi, didn’t any of these people see “The Hurt Locker” ?

On the other hand, in the time of ‘Obamacare’ vs ‘Romneycare’, we don’t hear a peep nowadays about ‘single-payer’ or Vermont…

The gutting of NASA continues apace, I guess that Obama was really pissed off that NASA couldn’t duplicate Star Trek technology – y’know, it’s been 40 years now, I mean, jeez, how much time do you guys need?

The economy crashed in 2008 due to weasels stealing everything they could carry and then sticking us with the bill (nice move!) it’s now 2012, four years later and NOT ONE PERSON has been indicted for the greatest fraud perpetrated against the citizens of the United States, in history… news at eleven?, I think not…

In a comment on the political situation in Europe wherein the European Banksters are taking over the governments and overruling or displacing any democratically elected regimes and replacing them with dictatorial states that answer to the German Central Bank. One politician said:

“The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetimes.”

…wait, that sounds familiar, did I hear that before somewhere?

A shallow, narcissistic, incompetent corporate hack is being challenged by a shallow, narcissistic, incompetent corporate hack, an ignorant, shallow, incompetent, religious, misogynist, xenophobic bigot, a schizoid, incompetent, ethically convicted, opportunistic, cruel, serial betrayer and a fraudulent, self-serving, incompetent quack… my, my, my… how to choose.

I’m reminded of a story told about Dorothy Parker (a founding member of the incomparable Algonquin Round Table). She and Jean Harlow (the Britney Spears of her day) arrived at the door of the Algonquin at the same time. Harlow, trying to be witty (big mistake!) held the door for Parker, saying “Age before beauty.” Parker replied “Pearls before swine.” and swept through the door…

...no one's jammin’ their transmission…

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I’m not fair anymore

I'm not fair, I'm not even-handed, I don't give the benefit of the doubt, I don’t suffer fools gladly any longer- I'm way past that these days. I'm angry and outraged at the cowardice, venality and stupidity I see in the political sphere, I'm frustrated that bog-obvious solutions to our problems are gathering dust while the clown circus magic pony ride goes on and on and I’m especially furious when ignorant, self-righteous twits attempt to foist their narrow-minded bigotries on me (or anybody else), case in point.

Rick Santorum (the Pro-Rape candidate) removed any possibility of his being elected and probably killed whatever chance the GOP hoped for in the general election even if they nominate Rubio for VP:

In an interview with El Vocero newspaper, Santorum said he supported Puerto Ricans' right to self-determination regarding the island's political status.
"We need to work together and determine what type of relationship we want to develop," he told the newspaper.
But Santorum said he did not support a state in which English was not the primary language.
"Like any other state, there has to be compliance with this and any other federal law," Santorum said. "And that is that English has to be the principal language. There are other states with more than one language such as Hawaii but to be a state of the United States, English has to be the principal language."

1) Of course there is no federal law mandating English (or any other language) as the 'principal' language
2) Nowhere, except in the fever dreams of rightwingnutland is this even an issue.
3) Can he say that in Spanish so everyone can understand him?

Every Hispanic in America just registered as a Democrat...
I think that this issue will be a tremendous loser for Republicans in this election (especially among the Hispanic community). So far, there has been no official language in the US, English has been proposed, German was proposed as a co-official language with English between the wars and of course Spanish has been proposed more recently - in some areas it is a de facto standard along with English if not de jure.

I don't like ‘Imam Rick’ very much on a visceral level. My nomination of him as the "Pro-Rape" candidate is an extrapolation of his stand that not even incest or rape are sufficient cause for a woman to seek an abortion. I consider his statement to be an invitation to rapists everywhere, after all, they get to increase their power over their victims by forcing them to bear their children.

As for the Republican party in general, I'm of the opinion that the GOP is populated mostly by corrupt corporate stooges who have left their ethics, morals and ability to think, at home on the bedroom dresser along with the cufflinks.

Sad to say (having been a Democrat for 40 years) this applies to the Democratic party too, nowadays…
…just to be fair.