Sunday, June 06, 2004

The Death of Reagan

Well, at long last, Ronald Reagan is dust. I imagine that all kinds of tributory rhetoric will fill the airwaves for the next few weeks. No doubt even more public parcels will named for him. The conservatives will moan and mumble their praises and lies.

Let me submit a contrarian note. Ronald Reagan was an idiot...much like George Bush, his spiritual inheritor. I spent eight humiliating years apologizing to my european friends for his stupidities, saying: "Yeah, I know, but the vast majority of americans aren't like that." Mirabile dictu, I'm saying it yet again.

Ronald Reagan was a shallow, stupid man. A grade "B" actor who didn't have a thought in his head until he married Nancy. In fact, if you want to know, Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease early in his first term, and Nancy effectively ruled the country for most of his second term.

The facts are there if you have eyes, Reagan's economic policies were a disaster: "Voodoo economics" as George Bush the First labelled them. Reagan put this country into a trillion dollar debt situtation, which lasted until, of all people: Bill Clinton bailed us out.

Reagan's foreign policy was a mess as well, his vaunted success against the communists was completely by accident. He had no clue that the USSR was in desperate economic straits. He just wanted to build the biggest aremed forces he could so that...what? So that he could invade the USSR? So that he could invade China?

Apparently so that he could expose 275 US Marines to immanent danger and death. So that he could invade Grenada...GRENADA...!

I could go on and on. Suffice it to say that Reagan was yet another cardboard cutout politician whose only legacy has been to reduce America's reputation in the world to laughingstock status...just like George Bush the Second.

The only difference here is that we have the chance to throw the current idiot occupant of the White House out in November.

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