Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A Proposal for an Experiment...

This is the land of opportunity, right? We are engaged in a 'democratic experiment" right?

We have 50 little laboratories where we conduct variations on the grand American experiment.

I'd like to propose that we do an experiment, to allow the right wing all their fondest fantasies: laissez-faire capitalism in its raw form. Here are some of the things I've thought of:

No intrusive government regulations telling business what to do, who to hire, what to pay them, what, if any, benefits to provide.

No unions, all 'right-to-work'. No burdensome restrictions on banks, like caps on interest rates.

No punitive legal awards, only compensatory damages.

No judicial sentencing latitude, fixed prison terms for all offenses, no plea bargaining.

No property taxes, income taxes or business taxes (the Constitution only mandates imposts [duty] and excise [manufacture, sale or consumption] taxes)

No public schools or libraries. Schooling would be provided by private charter-type schools or schools run by religious organizations. Libraries, likewise, could be provided by private organizaitons if they so choose. Also, no subsidized public transportation all existing mass transit would be privatized and priced according to the market.

No government support or subsidies for arts, parks, sports or any other superfluous activities. Police services would be absorbed into the general militia which would be empowered to ensure order.

Of course, there would also be no welfare, no social security, no medicare or medicaid.

In respect of our culture's heritage Judeo-Christian moral values and scriptural documents would be honored and respected at all official events: prayers for divine guidance would be mandatory at all government functions.

All citizens would be required to obtain valid identification papers and to carry them at all times for presentation upon demand.

All citizens would be required to at least two years active service in the armed forces and be subject to recall to duty from then on.

I think that we should select a state with significant resources and a history of indpendence so that no one can say we stacked the deck against them. I propose Texas.

I have no doubt that you all have some interesting contributions to make, please let us know about it.

The second part of the exercise would be to set up a prediction pool, my questions:

1. How long before chaos and panic take hold?

2. How long after that before some strongman stages a coup?

3. How long after that before some group or other starts up a socialist/communist insurrection?

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