Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let The Games Begin...

Got this from my friend Joe:

AAAhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Is this really happening? Am I having a nightmare?

Bush and Cheney are f**king insane!!!!!

Out of curiosity, and you need not reply, who of the current candidates are you most in favor of and why? Personally, even though he has no chance, I'm supporting Richardson because of his experience dealing with Sadam all
Those many (it seems like) centuries ago and his understanding and respect for their culture. Hey, the people of Iraq want us out, lets do it!

Oh yeah, we don't need the military to invade Iran, we have Blackwater and
other merc orgs for that. Perhaps Thomas Jefferson was right... we need to have some form of revolution every twenty years and the longer between revolutions, the more violent they must become. Unfortunately, the last revolution we had was in the late 1800's when the lawyers changed the law that prohibited lawyers
from holding office..... That's it, the tipping point! The freakin' lawyers did it! Where's my gun?


So I replied:

Actually, I have some requirements for candidates for POTUS:

First, they must be smart, because this prevents a whole legion of idiot actions and basically if they're smart they'll pretty much do what I wanted them to do anyway.

Second, I want them to be deceitful, sly, sneaky, cunning and a real bastard. This is because I want them to outsmart, outthink and outmanouver all the other sly, cunning, sneaky lying bastards out there.

Last, I want them to understand in their guts that government represents the people and that it is there to maintain the balance of power between the people and every other entity that seeks to control the people. Government is our sword and shield to defend against attacks and incursions by those who hate us; whether by other states, other stateless fanatics or by trans-national corporations.

That being said, it's also important to recognize that the next president will spend about 99% of his/her time cleaning up the mess that Droolin' George has left. I will be surprised if they get a second term.

I like the idea of blacks and women seriously running for the office of POTUS, I think it shows that there really has been a sea change in politics in this land. And my fondest hope is that the Republican party will shatter into it's natural parts: the Southern White Racist party, the Christian Theocratic party and the Corporate Fascist party. That kind of honesty would be a relief to see!

As to the Democratic candidates: my personal favorite would be John Edwards, he wasn't ready in 2004 but he is now. He certainly understands the plight of working folks in corporate Amerika and I think he now has the political chops to do what needs to be done. Weird, that after all my ravings against southern domination of the electorate over the past half century, I pick a southern white guy! Obama seems to be fulfilling my thumbnail estimation that he's not ready... he needs more experience and more study, maybe 8 years from now. Chris Dodd and Joe Biden could each do the job from day one but their time has passed. Bill Richardson has some good ideas but his name doesn't sound hispanic and he doesn't look hispanic and worst of all: he's fat - not a problem so far as I'm concerned but it makes him unelectable. And I won't even talk about Kucinich...

that leaves: Hiliary. She passes my first and second tests with flying(?) colors and I think she understands the third. I don't agree with her on a number of issues... but truth be told I'm unlikely to agree with any of the candidates on everything. The important things here are: can she do the job from day one? Does she have the political savvy to get what she wants done, legally? Does she have the strength of will to stand up to the right-wing scream machine? And, last, does she have the fundamental understanding that government is there to help the people and that we have to change from a YoYo (You're On Your Own) culture to a WITT culture (We're In This Together)... I think she does.

As to your other point, I'm much more worried about "Santa Clara County v Southern Pacific Railroad" (1880), the Supreme Court ruling which confirmed that corporations have the same rights as persons. This was the last in a series of unfortunate rulings which has unleashed the dragon of the trans-national corporation: they acknowledge no law or boundary, they hew to no moral code, they recognize no rights but their own and they see that as their right to... everything.

To paraphrase Cato the Elder: "Trans-nationals delanda est!"

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