Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Crack in the StoneWall?

Today Ray McGovern, a boyhood friend of Colin Powell's and a 27-year veteran on the CIA's internecine wars published a challenge to Secretary Powell to, finally, come forward and tell the truth about his infamous UN speech on Iraq go here, for the original article.

In his letter, McGovern charges Powell to speak or be tarred forever as a participant in the Cheney-Bush debacle that is Iraq.

“If you were blindsided, well, here’s an opportunity to try to wipe off some of the blot. There is no need for you to end up like Lady Macbeth, wandering around aimlessly muttering, Out damn spot…or blot.“

McGovern goes back to their boyhood friendship to remind Powell of the code of honor they both grew up with:

“On those Bronx streets, rough as they were, there was also a strong sense of what was honorable —honorable even among thieves and liars, you might say. And we had words, which I will not repeat here, for sycophants, pimps, and cowards.”

And he reminds Powell (and us) of the price we have paid for this folly:

“With 4,141 American soldiers — not to mention hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens — dead, and over 30,000 GIs badly wounded...”

In withering detail, McGovern recounts the fraud perpetrated on the American public and on the world by Cheney-Bush, and he clearly states “J'Accuse!” directly at both Bush and Cheney for deliberately foisting this fraudulent war upon us:

“But when President Bush was first told of Habbush’s report that there were no WMD in Iraq, Suskind’s sources say the president reacted by saying, “Well, why don’t you tell him to give us something we can use to make our case?” “

McGovern goes on to say that the investigative work of Sydney Blumenthal and Ron Suskind has been instrumental in meticulously laying out the process and progress of lies, step by step. And, apparently, the coverup goes on to this day:

“It was, no doubt, pure coincidence that President Bush made a highly unusual visit to CIA headquarters, also on Thursday, before leaving for Crawford on vacation... [snip] given the record of the past seven years, it is reasonable to suggest that he also wanted to assure malleable Mike Hayden, the CIA director, and his minions that they will be protected if they continue to stiff-arm appropriate congressional committees, denying them the information they need for a successful investigation. “

McGovern winds up his letter by challenging Powell to step up and tell the truth – and thereby repair his deeply tarnished reputation – or remain silent and, by that silence, let us know that he was part of the deception after all.

Your choice Mr Secretary, we're waiting...

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