Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Covenant They Made

Hmmm… let’s see if I understand this:

The Democratic Party is just sick of li’l ol Iowa and New Hampshire stealing the spotlight for all those months of pre-primary campaigning. After all, these puny states have only a relatively few delegates between them and their population is only tiny percentage of the Democratic voters.

So, the DNC decides that they’re gonna put a stop to this nonsense in 2008 and they’ve got just the hombre to do it Howard “YeeHaw” Dean. Dean, with the help of some other interested parties – Brazile, Dashielle, Pelosi, etc; Obama partisans all, curiously enough – come up with a plan. They’ll declare that no state Democratic Party can hold a primary/caucus before an arbitrary day in February. There! That’ll do it!, they thought, none of those states would dare to defy our orders.

“Surprise, surprise, surprise!” as Gomer Pyle used to say. It turned out that Iowa, New Hampshire and several other states thought that they might want to get in on the early bird spotlight and through a series of negotiations Michigan decided to represent these other states in a protest against the arbitrariness of the DNC rules committee… so to discourage these miscreants the DNC decided that they would allow Iowa and New Hampshire (who were going to do what they wanted anyway) to hold their primaries/caucuses as they wanted … but the DNC would add a couple of other states to the early draw to – what? – oh yeah, to balance the demographics… yeah, that makes sense, right?

They decided to add Nevada (WTF?) which was a caucus state, mebbe that was it (?) and South Carolina as the primary state. Huh? What the heck is the logic about South Carolina? Oh wait… we really needed to let the african-american voters show their love - and did they ever.

Let’s pause a minute here to entertain a conspiracy theory: What if… Donna Brazile and a bunch of other Democrat loser, ebbing-craft, slipping-power, Pooh-Bahs (Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Dashielle, Kerry, etc, etc) had decided, after the Kerry debacle, that they wanted their very own sock-puppet to dangle just like Cheney-Rove had dangled GWB for six long years. Where would they find an idiot/naife ? Well, who better that the psychologically-damaged, conveniently mulatto, man-child, Obama? He of the stirring, though curiously content-free, speeches – this waif could be used with impunity, after all he had no provenance, no actual real world experience, no basis upon which to judge their proffers of ‘power’. How could he/they resist?

And they had learned their lesson well – the despicable lineage of Lee Atwater, Roger Ailes and Karl Rove had founded a new Madrasah. Willing acolyte David Axelrod and his ilk had studied well – and as well had studied the original craftsmen of deceit and dishonor: Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Beria, Gobbles, Mao and Goering.

How to deceive the rubes? How to convert the concupiscent? Why use the rule of opposites… if your client-puppet is a black racist: accuse his opponents of being white racists! If your opponent is a woman, let your representatives heap scorn and humiliation, make tawdry jokes, name her a bitch, call her a whore… if you have no policies, no program other than your own overweening pride; whatthehell, elide any questions, avoid any actual substantive debate, concentrate on your feelings, her personality, your cuteness, her reported stony façade. Emphasize her stiffness, her wonkiness, her ‘likeable enough’ quotient. After all that’s what’s really important here: you’re cute and she’s… old, really old…

Not to worry, thought the Democratic ‘leaders’, Obama’s legions of brain-dead zombies will carry us forward as far as we wish to go…

So, they formulated their plan and suborned the primary process through subversion of the votes, complicity with the cross-over Republican voters, intimidation in the caucuses, threats, intimidation of the delegates – all the classic Bolshevik/Rovian strategies – culminating in the blatant, naked takeover of the DNC rules committee which stole delegates from primary voters and awarded them to the hijackers.

The transparent, despicable posturing of the DNC in yesterday’s exercise in Marxist double-speak, was indicative of the direction the - now dead - Democratic Party wishes to go. This is no longer the party of labor, workers, citizens (vs business). This new radical leftist/fascist party is now a cult of personality, dedicated to the vapid, festered guidance of a single, pathological entity. Their every action dedicated to his consecration, their every thought consecrated to his ascension, their very will offered in sacrifice to his accretion of power.

Fanaticism, requires no prima facie, it asks no perception from its adherents, it abjures critical thought and strives to eliminate: questions, reflection, - thought itself. Fanaticism such as the New Obamaist Democrats want only your blind obedience, your thoughtless, mindless acquiescence to whatever the Obama high command generates as the thought for the day.

So, the “Democrats” had to rationalize their machinations (not for the benefit of the cadres – they don’t care how they win , so long as they win) but for the despised, but vitally necessary ‘bitter’ Democrats – the white-trash democrats, the Hillary supporters who they hated but who are absolutely necessary for the anticipated Bolshevik victory in November.

How to mollify, persuade – deceive – those stomach-churning, useful fools – the Hillary supporters? What about faking a proposal to – kinda, sorta – make believe that we support the (stupid) voters in Florida and Michigan? After all, we don’t have to really listen to these idiots, we just have to get them to sign on to the Obama Democratic Party for November, after that – who cares?

That’s the ‘secret’ plan surfacing in these troubled waters, revealed almost by accident in yesterday’s pageant. I watched the first 40 minutes of the charade and concluded, rightly as it turned out, that the fix was in and that the only thing they really had left to do was to fight for table space close to The Anointed One… and make sure to show the Clintons where the servants exit door was.

This was the covenant they made those many months ago, achieve the nomination by any means necessary: lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, suborn the vote, disenfranchise legitimate votes that don’t go your way. Bribe some delegates with puerile promises of influence and power, intimidate the ones you can’t bribe, threaten their careers, murmur sweet nothings in their ears about what might happen if they don’t acquiesce, comply… submit. This is the covenant they will live by going forward, anyone no longer useful will be thrown under the bus (I see The Anointed One’s church is no longer useful) or pushed back into the closet until white-trash relatives come to visit - they’ve pulled Joe Biden out of the closet and dusted him off to show that Obama knows how to spell ‘foreign policy’. The propaganda tsunami rolls on, the main stream press mouthpieces are stacked in maintenance mode until The Anointed One needs them to savage McCain. This is the covenant they seek to make for our future.

This will not stand. There will be repercussions. The contempt of the Obamaites for the rest of us and their blind assumption that we white-trash ‘bitter’ people will do what we’re told; that will be the rock upon which they founder.

As I read and communicate with others in the politically active community of the internet I have seen a new movement of the masses. More and more often I see and hear and read from people who have heretofore been silent, content to let the world of politics wend its way; confident that, in the end, the right choice would be obvious to all… no longer. They have seen the light at the end of this tunnel and they know it for the oncoming train it is. The Obama Party thinks they have the nomination/election wrapped up, they assume that all those old union members, white-trash ‘bitter’ people, creepy old people, frumpy housewives, low class, blue collar worker bees – will all come back to the fold (after all, where do they have to go?)

Not this time. Not for this vapid, senseless, stupid crew of thugs. They can stand in the smoking ruins of a party they chose to incinerate. They can reap the whirlwind of the viciousness and enmity they have sown. To paraphrase Shakespeare:

The Obama Party is but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets its hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

But we who remain and can think, may choose another path.

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lennodo said...

Mr. Della Penna,

You, Sir, are a very insightful, brilliant man. The thoughts of a back-room conspiracy against Senator Clinton have often crossed my mind, and you have made the very compelling case. I do wish there were more that would read this, but I know that is just "a fairy tale" to think that the majority would actually be independent thinkers and not just the sheep being herded to the slaughter.