Saturday, June 21, 2008

Letter to Hillary, No. 2

Dear Hillary:

There are rumors going around that you intend to campaign with Mr. Obama and encourage donors to give money to his campaign. Please, please do not do this. I am asking you not to for several reasons; first, we who have supported you throughout the primary season have learned just what kind of man Barack Obama is - and it's not a pretty picture. While you may be 'impervious' the 'slings and arrows' - we are not. We have been deeply harmed and we have not forgotten.

Second, if you move to actively support Mr. Obama, it will be seen by many of us as a betrayal - both a personal betrayal and a betrayal in the context of principle. If this is to be a democracy then the contest for leadership must conform to those principles of democracy we stand for. Packing caucuses with thugs, stealing delegates, disenfranchising voters and race-baiting may be acceptable political tactics somewhere on the globe but not in this country and not for the highest position in the land. Mr. Obama's campaign tactics are, prima facie, evidence of his unfitness for the office. If you now go out and actively support him, you implicitly accept his despicable campaign tactics and condone his racist strategy. Such action will severely damage your own hard-won credibility as the seasoned, principled leader we know you to be.

Third, practically speaking, supporting Mr. Obama will avail you nothing. He is now infamous for imperiously accepting obeisance from those he has threatened and/or muscled into acquiescence and immediately throwing them under the bus the moment there appears to be the slightest political advantage to do so.

Last, as time goes on Mr. Obama begins to show his true agenda, it becomes more and more clear that this is a man without any interest in democracy whatsoever. Much like George W Bush before him, he has little interest in the outside world, the minutiae of making things work, nor even of the broad policies that guide the work. This is a man who cannot clean his desk, who will 'hire some people who know a bunch of stuff' who does not know that Iran and Afghanistan are not Arab nations. This is a man wants to rule by fiat, who is inarticulate to the point of idiocy without a teleprompter script in front of him... this is not just a fool - this is an arrogant, selfish fool.

Do you really want to help put him on the phone at 3AM, with the 'Button' in his hand?

There is no winning strategy here for you - though there may be other strategies to win, this is not one of them. Resist those who tell you to give in and help the party - they are not your friends. Resist those who hammer on you to stay silent and keep in line - they are not your friends.

We are your friends, there are 18 million of us - please listen.

Thank you,

Craig Della Penna

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