Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[Blink!]… [Blink!]

Remember how that annoying light showed up on the dash? The incomprehensible graphic didn’t tell you anything and you had to look it up in the Owner’s Manual? And then the Owner’s Manual said something like: “The frammistat sensor is out of alignment.” ? You then did one of two things: you ignored it and it eventually stopped blinking or you stopped by your local Dashimotu dealer to get it checked out and the service manager said “Good thing you came in, your transmission was about to fall out of the car.”

This is one of those ‘blinky’ moments. Wayne Madsen – who apparently never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like – has published a warning article that claims the BP oil spill is far, far, worse than we’ve been told. I wouldn’t normally give Madsen’s story too much credence but the way the clowns in Washington sequester and manipulate information these days makes me wonder who’s fooling whom.

With that caveat emptor, take a look at Madsen’s article:
Oil Spill

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