Tuesday, June 01, 2010

[Blink!]… [Blink!] Dispatch #2

As the Gulf oil catastrophe continues to worsen, I've been checking with some sources on this matter:
From Matt Simmons:
…“In my opinion, what most likely happened when one of the largest surges of oil as gas blew out the BOP and within seconds, began melting down one of the world’s most technically advanced deepwater rigs ever built is that just the BOP and wellhead got tossed far away from the well bore but the riser which was attached to the rig floor was separated from the wellhead/BOP.

“What all the black crap coming out to create these plumes are is the oil from the reservoir and it is staying so deep under the ocean surface that only the recent tests by NOAA research vessels finally saw these giant plumes rapidly spreading across the sea floor of the Gulf of Mexico.

“BP is in total denial that this could be real.

“It is time for the government to ask BP to step aside and bring the military into to managing this colossal failure of judgment by BP.

“Spread this news as we all need to better understand what is really happening.

“Very tragic story.


and from Mike Ruppert:

The obvious collusion between the USG and the mainstream media leads me to believe that the USG has known that a nuke would be the only option within a week of the explosion. About two weeks ago we posted on this blog a link to a story from (I think it was) The Telegraph saying that President Obama had dispatched a team of nuclear scientists to study the situation and evaluate the possibility of using a nuke. One was a co-inventor of the H-bomb. It was a credible story that no press outlet followed up on. Why not?

I believe that the leaks are devastating for all life in the Gulf and that large portions of the Gulf will be dead zones from seabed to surface within maybe six months. I believe that an announcement of a pending nuclear detonation will come within a week to ten days. I predict that US Continuity of Government provisions will be activated and that FEMA will, before end of summer, be placed in complete control of the Southeast United States… limited martial law.

My original [Blink!]… [Blink!] post seemed a bit far fetched to me at the time but events proved it out. I have heard about the nuclear solution from the start of this debacle but didn't think it would get this far. Now I think Mike R may be right on target. At this point we have to ask ourselves whether we can stand another 2-3 months of an underwater gusher pumping 200,000+ gallons of oil per day into the Gulf and the Caribbean, it may well destroy both bodies of water completely.

It may be that the lesser evil would be to use the big nuclear hammer and just blast the well closed, that was 'Red' Adair's basic solution and I don't see a better one on the horizon.

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