Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Moment of Truth

Dear Hillary... and Bill:

I have written to you before and I post regularly on my journal: The Heraclitan Fire and at No Quarter

It seems to me that the fix is in, I think that Mr. Obama has already been chosen by the Democratic party 'elders' as their nominee. You know that this will be a disaster for the Democrats in November and will likely lead to John McCain's election.

I know you both are lifelong Democrats and I know your first instinct is to help the Democrats , no matter how badly you have been abused. I am writing to you to ask you to consider another option.

The Democratic spinelessness and cowardice in regards to the Iraq war is spectacularly evident and Democrats are disgusted by the performance of Pelosi & Co. From what I am seeing and hearing there is a tremendous groundswell for creating a third party in this country. The time is right and you two are the perfect political team to do this.

I know you are hesitant about abandoning the Democrats but consider that they have been co-opted by Bill Ayers’ and Barack Obama’s New Bolshevik cadres. In fact there is no Democratic party any longer. What is left is a cult very similar to the cults that followed Hitler, Lenin and Mao.

Perhaps that seems a bit too far, yet we have all seen the skillful use of propaganda to camouflage lies, the selection of a scapegoat to blame all failures on, the incantations to belief that permeates the Obama ‘movement’ [sic].

The combination of power starved, ineffectual party ‘leaders’ – who have all envied your actual accomplishments, while they were never able to do anything; and the hijacking of the caucuses, the party apparatus and the threats and intimidation of party delegates; should all be indicators that something very, very bad is going on.

Indeed, I submit to you that the die is cast: the so-called Democratic party has been taken over by a group of far leftist/fascist radicals who are determined to foist their version of ‘democracy’ on the entire country.

You may think that I am being paranoid – and perhaps I am, nevertheless what is true is that the Democratic party no longer has a place for anyone named “Clinton”.

However, we who understand that, in the long run, substance trumps style; we who have waited – forever – it seems, for a candidate/party/zeitgeist that truly represents our fervent dreams. For us now is the moment, now is the time to rise up and declare ourselves, now is the point in the space-time continuum when we can grab hold of Archimedes' lever and move the earth.

I would say that this is a “once in a generation opportunity” but it is not, this chance only comes along once in a hundred years or more.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton – you have the intelligence, you have the experience, you have the political knowledge, you have the influence, you have the organization and you have the will of the people.

I know it will be hard, I know it will take time you could be using for your own private lives, I know it will take treasure and dedication and fierce resolve… I know it will take much, much more than you ever expected to be asked for… but, nevertheless, I am asking – and millions of Americans are asking: Take us away from these false ‘democrats’ help us create, organize and grow a new, truly, democratic party. A party for people with brains and guts and sense – a party for Americans not fanatics, for Americans not bigots, for Americans not cowards.

We’re ready – we’re more than ready, only say the word and we are there.

Craig Della Penna


Claudy said...

I hope you circulate this widely. Would suggest Taylormarsh.com. I was tempted to post this there but really should be your call.

Excellent letter. I'll be checking back often.

We must bust out of the echo chamber...somehow!

Will429 said...

Beautifully written, simply said. Lou Dobbs reiterated today that this year, of all years, would be one in which an Independent could win--with proper financing. Like you, I know millions of us stand ready and willing.