Friday, May 23, 2008

To the Hillary campaign:

I don't know if you are listening anymore but I have to try anyway:

First, some background. I have been a lifelong Democrat and as such I can say that I have never been truly represented (I came to like Bill but I disagreed with a lot of his more conservative initiatives). Yet I have held on, hoping that, someday, the time/person would be in sync so we could do some good in our country, in the world. As you can imagine, the last seven years have been painful for me (as were the Reagan years) but I have held on...

This time, however, it's different. I have been appalled by the spinelessness of the Democrats in the 110th Congress and even more aghast at the candidacy of Senator Obama (see my journal at Not Now, Not Ever for a more detailed look at this). Contrary to popular opinion, I regard Senator Obama as a disaster waiting to happen.

During this campaign I have argued vigorously for Hillary, written in journals and been published in the blogosphere (No Quarter), donated to her campaign and worked the phones here in Oregon. I have felt her pain and relished her victories. I have tremendous respect for her intelligence, dedication and perseverance but my patience with the Democrats is running out.

So, here is my cri du coeur: Hillary - please do not, do not, do not have anything to do with an Obama ticket. Do not support Obama in the general election and certainly do not agree to be his VP. Frankly, as I say in my journal, I think the time is ripe for a third party and I think that you and Bill would be the perfect headliners for that effort. But Obama is another Bush-sized catastrophe for America - you know this, probably better than most, please do not be complicit in foisting this disaster on us.

That said, I realize that Hillary is a lifelong Democrat and I expect that she will work her butt off for the Democrats even if they follow their current stupidity and nominate Obama.

However, I have had it. If Obama is nominated I will not support him, even if Hillary is on the ticket with him. In addition, I will leave the Democratic Party and, if it looks like a close election in the Fall... I will hold my nose and vote for McCain.

Well, you may say, what's one disaffected voter among millions? I urge you not to dismiss this lightly, I have come to find that there are many, many people who feel this way - we will not be coming together to get behind the party nominee, not this time.

Craig Della Penna


AllthewayforHillary said...

I'm with you on this one.

It's either Hillary or John McCain from this lifelong Democrat.

emmazetter said...

I totally agree with you, I am feeling the same way toward the DNC and I am planning to support McCain if Hillary is not the nominee, unless she runs as an Independent of course. That sounds very exiting. Do you think Hillary knows that we want her to run as an Independent? Aren't we running out of time for that option?.....can anybody discuss this with her as soon as possible?

unityindiversity said...

Note to all who visit here: Come to:

and join the discussions there. State by state laws are being researched by this site - and only if it becomes necessary - the site could help ground an Independent run. Please join the action.

Note to Craig: thanks for your piece, found you through noquarter copy of same.

Wanted you to know, that through some work I've done for Hill camp, I have a way to talk to them that seems, in my observation, to get through. I sent them a vehement letter a week ago, in-depth expressing my sentiments being same as your own. I wouldn't couldn't vote for any ticket that has this monster's name on it anywhere.

If you notice HILL last week was a bit shifting tone on this topic. Like she said after her KY win: "I will support the Dem Nominee, whoever SHE may be!"

The trolls are so brainless, they actually excerpted the first half of this sentence only and posted that around the web - as part of the psychological warfare. Not sure if they couldn't compute the whole sentence or just didn't want to.

Craig and all: You GOTTA see this: paid obama online disrupters caught with their pants down. lol lol lol:

TampaBay Dems said...

No reason. The BO campaign does not value women's voices.

Darrow said...

The DNC is alienating half of it's base. More and more of us have had it. I've been voting Democratic for 32+ years. It's over. They've driven me out of my own party. I have already registered as an Independent and will sit out the election if Hillary is not the nominee. (If possible, I will write her in.)

I understand exactly where you're coming from.

kenoshaMarge said...

Just found you via NQ and couldn't agree more. I have been voting straight Democratic ticket for 40 years. But here is where I draw the line. I am now a registered Independent and no longer feel obligated to vote for every pinhead with a "D" after his/her name.

Obama is a disaster waiting to happen and I will not be a part of that.

La Llorona said...

I will vote "Present" in the general election - its a procedural strategy to let the DNC know that I'm looking for a new party.
Eight years ago the Republican party propped up a puppet the party leaders could easily control. I question whether the Democratic party is now rallying round a wunderkind for the same purpose. Now the DNC, instead of going to OZ - to get a clue, a spine and some courage is sitting behind the old curtain giving us the old Razzle Dazzle. After a term of empty promises (ending the war for one) and pointless posturing (threats to cut war funding despite the lack of a veto-proof majority) the DNCC comes knocking on my door yet again like a neglectful lover hoping to woo me back with a bright and shiny sparkly "new" candidate. Well, I'm not rolling over this time...
The BORG call women among other things vindictive bitches - so this is what I get for voting democrat since I had baby teeth?
When NARAL , DNC and the rest of them mail request for donations ...
I will mail their request back to them with "Hillary" written in my finest red lipstick in their very own postage paid envelope.

I have not yet been assimilated by the BORG (Barack Obama Rapture Group)

Claudy said...

I too have been lifelong Democrat for over 35 yrs and never questioned voting for a demo nominee until BO arrived. I will vote McCain come November - my first vote for a Republican in any election and that includes passing up Bloomberg in NYC. This a watershed moment for our 'former' party - they still have time to come to their senses but I don't see any evidence of that.
The DNC and party elites have gone too far down the primrose path to pull back now.
While I will support HRC for as long as she remains in the race - through the convention - I hope she and Bill will see the sanity of leaving this fiasco behind and put their heart and souls and brains and talent - all of it - into forming the first real independent party. We need to find a way to preserve their precious gifts so they can be FINALLY used for the good of this country.
I may be 'projecting' - placing too much stock in their abilities -but it is at least a rational response to the terrifying alternatives. (McCain is the lesser of two evils. How tragic!)
A side note: On top of all the atrocities hurled our way - the Obama camp is actually relying on The Clinton's to bring in the vote in November thereby reducing them to mere pack animals. (If Obama were the real winner he wouldn't need to retrace his steps.) I don't think so. This is the height of unfairness and makes my blood boil. I have never seen two people work harder for their country than Bill and Hillary. We must stop the Obamatron express!
We are the ones who can turn this tragedy into something positive...Let's get busy!!

unityindiversity said...

Here is an email list of some of the Super Delegates. Please contact all you can and be clear in why you support HIllary and not Obama. Also can go to for other SD contacts to write/fax/email;

FEEL FREE TO SPREAD THIS LIST AROUND. This week is the best time to make contact with SD's ASAP.