Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Oregon - Kentucky Axis of People

The voting will soon be complete in both our states with what looks like quite different results. We, in Oregon, have fought a rearguard action, trying to counter the Obamaite propaganda and open minds to rational thought. The trends are going our way and with another week we might have pulled it out for Hillary but today is the day.

Kentucky and Oregon have similar reputations as places on the frontier, with a fierce streak of contrariness and an ornery independence. Both our states have small african-american populations and roughly similar overall populations. So, why the big difference in the vote? I think the cause may be in the Willamette Valley corridor as a self-contained political entity. Oregon politics seems to have been a constant battle between the, mostly very conservative, loggers, farmers and ranchers in the south and east parts of Oregon vs the Portland-Eugene-Salem left-tilted political pole. I often say, half jokingly, that I live in the People's Republic of Portland - Hawthorne Soviet. The truth is that we live in an area of political passions and contradictions: who else would have both Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith as senators? Not to speak of Wayne Morse, Mark Hatfield and the utterly ridiculous Bob Packwood...

The one good thing that will come out of the Oregon vote is that it spike's Obama's claim of white racism as an excuse for the trouncing he will get in Kentucky. If the whites are all against him - how come he won Oregon?

That being said, I will regard the Kentucky vote not as a mirror of the past but as a harbinger of the future - where citizens have watched and listened to both the candidates and their various supporters; heard the bias of the press and recognized it for the sham it is; and come to their own conclusions about who is competent, capable and truly representative of the interests of the citizens of this country.

Never give up.

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